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The color diversity in our Herd Sires is unmatched in the Midwest
These outstanding bucks bring distinct color with breed character to 1st Avenue Acres and can bring the same to your farm.  Visit our Boer Goats for Sale  page now and pick out a kid from one of these great bucks!

  1AA Ice Man 2
ABGA #10521332
DOB: 1/28/2010

1AA Ice Man 2
sire:  CRCR Ice Man (our previous spotted buck)
dam:  CRCR 1st Avenue Snow Flurry (spotted doe), daughter of CRCR Aged to Perfection, the first Ennobled spotted fullblood buck in ABGA history!!

This outstanding buck kid was one of the few survivors of our devastating barn fire on 1/30/10.  He was just a couple days old.  We managed to get him and his momma out.  Since we lost his daddy (Ice Man) as well, we had all our eggs in one basket with this young buck for future spots out of this outstanding spotted line.  We were counting on him to help us get back on our feet, and he is delivering! 

He's just an amazing buck kid!  His color is unlike ANYTHING we've ever seen before.  His base color is a probably best described as a dark charcoal grey with a hint of chocolate brown.  His white spots are amazing.  He's thick and long and his head is perfect! 

UPDATE:  Ice Man's granddad is now Ennobled!  CRCR Aged to Perfection became the first Ennobled spotted fullblood buck in ABGA history on 1/5/2011!!  Don't miss out on a chance at adding this history-making line to your farm's genetics! 

WHG Art Deco
 ABGA #10530892
DOB: 1/21/11

 How about this guy?!
Deco is from White House Boers in Washington out of their RNSH Coaco Valentine red buck (out of Outback Boers Scorpios Stinger and their Dura Max's Valentine) and their WHG Perfect Illusion doe (an Aged to Perfection daughter)!  He comes from just gorgeous pairings of some of the top notch colored and spotted goats you'll find anywhere!  He spent some time in Wisconsin before coming to Illinois, where Betsy Muehleip had shown this big spotted boy and done very well!  Thank you, Betsy, for sending him south!


JRB3 Copper in Black
ABGA #10586110
DOB: 03/16/2012

Copper is sired by Lazy S-T Coppertox, who is a son of the great Bon Joli/Lazy S-T Copperhead. 

SOLD - For Reference Only
Freedom Farm's SLASH

ABGA #I-10521333, IBGA #I-10-096-023
DOB: 01/23/2009

Above...Slash on his 3rd birthday - he has matured into an incredible buck!
(This picture was taken on our farm by one of our customers and emailed to us...thanks, Tbone!)

(Slash is a HUGE buck!  It's hard to see in the pics just how large he is! This pic was taken at 18 months.)

Freedom Farm's Slash
sire:  Midnight Prince ELR
dam:  FF Black Zakari

Thanks to Steve & Helen for this fine boy.  Steve told us he was the best black buckling of their huge January 2009 kid crop out of Prince, and we believe him! 

SOLD - For Reference Only
1AA Master Chief

ABGA #10480914
DOB: 12/19/2008

1AA Master Chief
sire:  Bon Joli Chieftain Red Cloud
dam:  Reid Sweet Chocolate Pie

What a buster!  What genetics!  What a buck!  Master Chief is awesome.  He's very wide, long, nice front and rear, and a goregous Boer head.  He's the complete package.

He's packed with old Texas red genetics.  His sire is Bon Joli Chieftain Red Cloud and his momma is our long, red doe Reid Sweet Chocolate Pie (who has plenty of KALR breeding herself!). 

Deceased, for reference only,
but his legacy lives on in 1AA Ice Man 2!

CRCR Ice Man
Outstanding Fullblood Spotted Buck!!
 IBGA & ABGA Registered
dob 3/5/2008

How delighted we are that we got our hands on this jewel from Kentucky! 
Ice Man is just goregous - he's a deep, dark red with white spots and splotches everywhere!  He displays beautiful Boer character in his head, and he's long & strong to boot!  We can't think of a thing this buck is lacking!

His kids are absolutely outstanding!  We are thrilled with this young buck!

Ice Man is a 3rd generation spotted buck...WOW!!  He is sired by the beautiful spotted buck 'Sir Spotsalot'. 

SOLD - for reference only

Fern Hollow WHIPLASH
2007 Illinois State Fair Overall Grand Champion Buck

 ABGA #10341200

dob 4/20/2006

(picture above at 16 mos old)

Whiplash was a perfect addition to our head-turning set of powerful Herd Sires!  Thanks to Travis Stockstill at South 40 Farms for the opportunity to own him. 

Whiplash is sired by T4 Redneck, out of the awesome T4 Scorpio!  His dam is the outstanding paint T4 Zsa Zsa. 
We love is head, his muscle, his big bone structure, and of course, that color!! 

SOLD - for reference only

1AA Hammer Down

ABGA 104504495
dob 03/04/08

Hammer is an RRD Hammer Time grandson, out of the AABG Hammer buck we purchased from Able Acres in Jan 2006.  

Sire: AABG Hammer (RRD Hammer Time son, RRD Bigun *Ennobled* grandson)
Dam: SLAK Geneva (2DOX Jason *Ennobled* granson)

SOLD - for reference only

 IBGA #I-06-159-134


(picture at 20 mos old)

Everyone had the same thing to say about this big guy...WOW!
Darth is big-boned, big-muscled and big-colored! 

Darth left his mark on our herd...his keeper daughters Sharp Girl and Susie Q will continue his line on our farm for years to come!

Darth's pedigree is packed with Stovall black and red genetics on top and bottom.  He was sired by the awesome black buck BMB Shadow (SCS black genetics) and his dam was an SCS Starbucks "Taurus" daughter. 

SOLD - for reference only

RA S15 - "SID"

ABGA #10256077

Things really are bigger in TEXAS!

Originally from Rolling Acres in Texas comes this extraordinary buck who we call "SID"!  
This guy is the perfect traditional boer buck...packed with meat, very long, very wide, awesome head, wonderful horn set, very gentle, etc, etc, etc! 

His breeding is unmatched  in our neck of the woods, too!!  
SID is sired by Eggsonerate *ENNOBLED*...who is out of Eggsorcist *ENNOBLED* and Eggsquisite *ENNOBLED*...and that's just SID's top side!  His dam is TC122 *ENNOBLED*!!  Yes, his sire AND dam are both ENNOBLED!  Oh yeah...SID has passed all inspections for Ennoblement, too!  

SOLD - for reference only


ABGA #10356656

It's HAMMER time at 1st Ave Acres!

(pictures at 12 mos old)

We were proud to own AABG HAMMER...thanks to Gary & Sandy Duncan at Able Acres Boer Goats.

HAMMER added beautiful breed character and muscle to our herd, along with a splash of color just for fun...he carries lots of red, coming from both his powerful paint sire (RRD HAMMER TIME) and his solid red mother.   Dam is a red granddaughter of  DER WAR PAINT *ENNOBLED* on top and HBS SCHAFER FARM'S DR PEPPER *ENNOBLED* on bottom.  

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